People have asked me, what makes you stand out in the counselling field and what is your favorite client? My answer is, “I don’t have a  favorite client.  Everyone is important to me and the human state is the same for every human.  So the next question is mostly, “What is your expertise in? You know what?  My expertise is in engaging with the client in helping that client to experience the impact that brought them to me.  Then I help them t0 transform the undesirable parts of themselves into something wonderful.

Living Life and Loving it offers counselling for individuals of all ages & nursing services for seniors, people recovering from illness and people with disabilities. With experience and expertise consists of 43 years of nursing experience as a licensed practical nurse and 5  years of registered counselling experience.  I have a diploma in licensed practical nursing, a bachelors degree in the arts with honours in psychology, and a masters degree in counselling psychology.  I am also registered with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors.  Learn more about Barb Faris from Living Life and Loving it Counselling Services under “About”

Learn more about the benefits of counselling for all ages

Counselling can help individuals of all ages, couples and families to make positive changes regarding the trouble of coping with life’s problems.  The problem may be depression, anxiety, stress, mental health issues, trauma, domestic violence, a problem with a child or a teen, etc. Whatever it is, I can and will HELP. Counselling Services are individually designed programs to fit your unique needs.  Some of the tools used are cognitive-behavioural therapy, satir brief transformational therapy and creative modalities. All programs are conducted with utmost respect, confidentially, and caring for the dignity of clients. I am trained in many helping modalities for people with of all ages and walks of life. If you are facing a life challenge, have been victimized, are depressed or are encountering other difficulties and want to change the way things are, I can help.

Session Fees
The cost for this service is free if you qualify for counselling through your medical insurance plan, your extended medical through work, or crime victim services.  If paying by cash, the rate for a one hour session is $100.00 – $146.00 depending how many people will be attending.

In counselling, I use the Satir Model which is based on Five Freedoms:

•    The freedom to see and hear what is here, instead of what should be, was, or will be.
•    The freedom to say what one feels and thinks, instead of what one should.
•    The freedom to feel what one feels, instead of what one ought.
•    The freedom to ask for what one wants, instead of always waiting for permission.
•    The freedom to take risks in one’s own behalf, instead of choosing to be only  “secure” and not rocking the boat.