Foods That Are Natural Antidepressants

Foods That Are Natural Antidepressants

Foods rich in Vitamin B keep the neurotransmitters in the brain functioning at a high level by supplying serotonin which is a powerful brain chemical that elevates mood.

Foods rich in Vitamin B are:

–       Pinto beans

–      Navy beans

–      Asparagus

–      Spinach

–      Broccoli

–      Cauliflower

–      Watercress

–      Spinach

–      Kale

–      Brussel sprouts

–      Radishes

–      Peas

Foods rich in Vitamin C, like:

–   Oranges and other citrus fruits

–  Red peppers

These foods help your body to produce dopamine which calms a person and helps you to get a good night’s sleep.  It also helps to keep the red blood cell count high so that you get enough oxygen in your blood stream (and your brain) to help you to function to your optimum level.

–      Wheat Bread contains complex carbohydrates that help the body to produce healthy amounts of serotonin. Jordan Reed Authentic Jersey